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November 2022

Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park Tribute)

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Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park Tribute)

Event Info

Portugal’s Hybrid Theory are the definitive Linkin Park Tribute – a show from Linkin Park fans, for Linkin Park fans.

Performing a set list full of LP bangers – One Step Closer, Given Up, Faint, Papercut, Burn it Down, Crawling, Points of Authority, Numb, Breaking the Habit, In the End, Bleed it Out + More

Hybrid Theory are the only Linkin Park Tribute that do the band they respect and admire complete justice and its clear to anyone who has seen them live that they love what they do.

Having Sold Out shows on their last tour of Australia, this is one you don’t want to sleep on – Grab your tix now!

Press Release

Portuguese band Hybrid Theory is considered the biggest and best Linkin Park tribute band in the world.

The group formed in 2017 in the city of Lagos-Algarve and six months later played their first show. They have never stopped.

Their act has taken them to Germany, Poland, Lithuania, India Australia and the UK.

The 6-man band were initially looking to start an originals rock group but when front man Ivo walked in to the auditions and began singing several Linkin Park songs – the rest of the members took notice.

“When Ivo started to sing, we were amazed,” says Hybrid Theory founder Miguel. “He had the same voice as Chester – extremely similar in range and texture.”

The idea of forming a Linkin Park tribute band wouldn’t leave Miguel.

“Because I used to record bands, I knew how difficult it was to replicate the Linkin Park sound, but the idea kept pinging back into my brain every time I dismissed it. So I went to the internet and found some backing tracks and began to think – maybe it is possible.”

The Portuguese rockers recorded a cover of a Linkin Park track together to test the waters. It was good. They then uploaded the track to Youtube and received such an overwhelmingly positive response, they followed it through with a gig in their hometown.

The show was difficult pull together as Linkin Park’s music by its very nature is complicated to replicate but the gig was a success. The group thought nothing more of the tribute band until the sad news of Chester Bennington’s death echoed around the world in July 2017. He was just 41 years old.

Says founder Miguel, “His death really hit me hard, I couldn’t stop thinking about it – but we didn’t form for that reason – maybe it was just fate.”

Taking their name from the Linkin Park debut album, Hybrid Theory (2000) which has sold 41 million copies worldwide and is considered the best selling debut since Guns ‘N’Roses Appetite for Destruction, the Portuguese rockers were invited to perform in Bafo de Baco in Loule, Portugal in 2018 and “That was it, everything snowballed from there.”

The act have since played all over the world, including sell-out shows in Australia in February 2020, just before the global pandemic hit.

“As we travelled to Australia, we were aware of the pandemic and when we stopped in Dubai, we had to wear a mask. Despite this we performed gigs in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to sell-out crowds of between 3,000 and 5,000 people – we had no idea how serious the situation would become.”

The rockers have since resumed their hectic touring schedule and are delighted to return to Australia and bring their show back to the Southern Hemisphere. Miguel admits the group watches hundreds of hours of Linkin Park footage to get everything just right for the audience. “It’s really tedious, but when everything comes together, that’s the best part.”

Hybrid Theory maintain they respect the Linkin Park legacy whilst bringing a rocking live show that the hardest Linkin Park fans would be proud of.

They perform a set list full of LP bangers – One Step Closer, Given Up, Faint, Papercut, Burn it Down, Crawling, Points of Authority, Numb, Breaking the Habit, In the End, Bleed it Out + More

Reviews around the world have been glowing with Wall of Sound saying, “The closest you will ever get to the real thing.”

Miguel takes it in his stride. Giving fans a genuinely great experience remains his focus.

Linkin Park have a huge, wide and loyal fan base,” he states.

“My dream would be for the remaining members of Linkin Park to see our show. I would love to see how they react to Ivo and for them to give us their blessing.”


‘If you ever missed out on seeing Linkin Park perform, Hybrid Theory is a near-perfect replica’
“the closest you’ll ever get to the real thing again”
(Wall of Sound)